About Us

Nanjing Momao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is also known as Flexkys who specialized in membrane printing products. We provide membrane switches and membrane keypads, capacitive touch switches, graphic overlays, force sensors, seat sensors, in-mold decorations and assembly services for customer applications. 

Production capacity

Our company was founded in 2012 with headquarter located in Nanjing and manufacturing site located in Suqian. There are over 50 members of staff and 1,500 square meters of production area (300 square meters of dust-free workshop) in Flexkys.We have full set of advanced production equipment and owns independent testing laboratory in which can do high and low temperature changing test, UV light aging test, segmentation stripping force test, salt spray test, constant temperature water testing, impact resistance test, use environment test and so on.with accurate data recorded to assure the outstanding product quality. Base on our strong lean-manufacturing culture and complete operational tools, we can satisfy a wide range of demanding expectations. 

Technology support and designing service 

We are not only a factory for manufacturing and OEM/ODM service but also provide technical support and solutions service. Our engineering team will help you realize  aesthetic, environmental, mechanical and electrical requirements with the best quality, customer service and price. Flexkys will manage and deliver from concept to production whatever your design criteria is . We also can help you purchase and assembly work.We aim at helping our customers realize their project.

Quality control

Flexkys takes full advantages of the latest technology to verify our product’s quality. We have implemented ISO9001:2008 quality management system and have got ISO9001:2015 in year 2018. Clear procedures, methods and standards, provides the guarantee for high-quality product supply.

Organization chart

After-sales service

Flexkys adopts a one-stop service mode, the relevant sales personnel shall be responsible for complaint and treatment.The sales staff shall report the customer's problems to the quality department and the general manager office, complete the problem review within the same day, analyze and evaluate the customer's problems together with the technical department, the production department and the quality department, and the general manager office shall give treatment suggestion, and finally the sales personnel send analysis report and treatment suggestion to the customer.


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